I have over 20 years of data analysis and modelling experience.

Data analysis is evolving at a blistering pace and becoming a science onto itself. Let me help you with either a one-off solution or guidance in reaching data nirvana through individual or group training. I can help with:

  • R training and support
  • Experimental design and data analysis
  • Advanced data analysis and modelling (e.g., multivariate, model selection and Baysian)
  • Workflow solutions from data collection to publication
  • Getting the most out of your hard-earned data, and then making them look pretty
  • That pile-of-data-hurt-you-don't-have-time-to-deal-with

I'm flexible to your needs. Something you don't see here, but think I can help? It's worth a call.

Your goal: publish. Chances R you only need one tool

R is a single, free tool that gets you from raw data to publication-quality graphics, and it's the foundation of the solutions I provide. With R you can say 'bye to complicated workflows, proliferating files and formats, and rafts of expensive single-purpose software packages (e.g., Excel, SAS, SigmaPlot and Mathmatica). And your analysis is instantly repeatable any time you need to make a small change or analyze a new collection of data. Powerful stuff.


I offer packaged or bespoke courses for groups up to six people. These can be tailored to fit within one to five days depending on the subject and your desired level of depth. Give me a call and we'll work out the details.

  • Introductory statistics with R
  • Data manipulation with R
  • Graphics with R
  • Data mining with R
  • Multivariate statistics with R
  • Learn with your data. If you have a clear idea of what you want to do with your data I can develop a custom course around it for highly directed learning.